builders of babel - An Overview

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In a couple of thousand many years, “the Earthlings have been proliferating. To get With all the Anunnaki they had been keen, for food items rations they toiled effectively. Of heat and dirt they didn't complain, of backbreaking they did not grumble. Of hardships of labor the Anunnaki have been relieved.”

B – A group of Military Industrial Advanced Insiders began providing me a coarse of analyze on the subject of Higher Physics, and a true picture of the bigger reality through which humanity finds itself in in the meanwhile.

The straight lines “crisscross each other, at times operating over and ignoring the animal drawings. These are definitely not built with handheld ray guns. The lines are not horizontally level–they run straight over uneven terrain, ignoring hills, ravines, gullies. They don't seem to be runways; They can be embedded in soil also loose to hold everything as large being an plane.

On Mars, Nibirans manned a spaceport and lasered a monument to Alalu, one particular in their kings, who was exiled to Mars and died there.

Michael also tells the UFO Hunter crew that he has experienced some extremely serious near encounters with aliens whom have performed experiments on him towards his will, the same as we’ve heard about again and again prior to from other abductees.

656,000 Nations on the Nibiru’s North and South nuked each other. Nuclear explosions and fallout remaining numerous Nibirans sterile and killed off a big proportion of Adult males.

Enlil expressed alarm on the increasing population of Earthlings whom the ex-astronauts retained inseminated with at any time-much more Nibiran genes.

However the Commander responded, “Marduk–your eldest–the Igigi, as well as with armies the astronauts breed Along with the daughters of Adapa, challenge me.

Sumerians display rocket route maps and verbal descriptions they say the gods dictated of planets as well as their orbits beyond eye-array. Dim dwarf star Nemesis’ orbit plus the orbit of the Nibiran planetary elaborate delivers Nibiru from some a thousand astronomical units absent to the vicinity of Earth, with a 30degree plane to Earth’s orbit , involving Mars and Jupiter.

There in the mountain valley in which tributaries from the Maranon River form a triangle, an area of three hundred,000 square toes was flattened and terraced for sophisticated structures precisely laid out.

Enlil explained to Nimah he’d bring their son Ninurta to Earth. He promised her a center in Sumer for her doctors. He bragged of his plans to put out Expedition settlements in lines across Iraq that may show incoming rockets the place to land.

Arriving rocketships here are the findings landed around the vast stone platform adjoining the launch tower, then could be place set up–as were finished to the colossal stone blocks–within just The website here large stone enclosure ready for launching.” “Baalbek was incorporated in the post-Deluvian Landing Corridor from the Anunnaki every time they prepared the scheduling of a spaceport within the Sinai to interchange the just one in Mesopotamia worn out through the Deluge.

Akhenaten, who succeeded into the Egyptian throne in 1379 BCE as Amenophis IV preached that Nibiru’s following nearing would “usher inside a time of peace and benevolence to all.” He moved Egypt’s capitol from Thebes to inform-el-Amarna. In the temple he Create at Amara, he exhibited the ben-ben–Maybe a space capsule with a interaction gadget intact, a remote-viewing booth, a holographic Exhibit, an actual transporter, or merely an item of veneration–from an Anunnaki rocket.

A big spider gylph depicts the constellation Orion, the extension the spider’s leg about the viewer’s proper, locates the star Sirius. The glyphs basics as well as mandalas fashioned from the structure of Anunnaki constructions may possibly are actually indicators for off-worlder viewers.

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